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Mir Stat

Dlang Statistical Package.

The following table is a quick reference guide for which Mir Stat modules to use for a given category of functionality.

Modules Description
mir.stat Publicly imports mir.stat.* modules
    Descriptive Statistics
mir.stat.descriptive Descriptive statistics
mir.stat.descriptive.aliases Aliases for common functions
mir.stat.descriptive.multivariate Multivariate Descriptive statistics
mir.stat.descriptive.univariate Univariate Descriptive statistics
mir.stat.descriptive.weighted Descriptive statistics with weights
    Other Statistical Modules
mir.stat.transform Algorithms for transforming data
mir.stat.inference Algorithms for statistical inference
mir.stat.constant Constants used in other statistical modules
    Probability Distributions
mir.stat.distribution Statistical Distributions
mir.stat.distribution.pdf Probability Density Functions
mir.stat.distribution.cdf Cumulative Distribution Functions
mir.stat.distribution.invcdf Inverse Cumulative Distribution Functions
Copyright: 2022-3 Mir Stat Authors.