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This package publicly imports mir.stat.distribution.*PDF & .*PMF modules.
    Univariate Discrete Distributions
bernoulliPMF  Bernoulli PMF
binomialPMF  Binomial PMF
geometricPMF  Geometric PMF
hypergeometricPMF  Hypergeometric PMF
negativeBinomialPMF  Negative Binomial PMF
poissonPMF  Poisson PMF
uniformDiscretePMF  Discrete Uniform PMF
    Univariate Continuous Distributions
betaPDF  Beta PDF
betaProportionPDF  Beta Proportion PDF
cauchyPDF  Cauchy PDF
chi2PDF  Chi-squared PDF
exponentialPDF  Exponential PDF
gammaPDF  Gamma PDF
generalizedParetoPDF  Generalized Pareto PDF
gevPDF  Generalized Extreme Value (GEV) PDF
laplacePDF  Laplace PDF
logNormalPDF  Log-normal PDF
logisticPDF  Logistic PDF
normalPDF  Normal PDF
paretoPDF  Pareto PDF
rayleighPDF  Rayleigh PDF
studentsTPDF  Student's t PDF
uniformPDF  Continuous Uniform PDF
weibullPDF  Weibull PDF
    Multivariate Distributions
categoricalPMF  Categorical PMF
John Michael Hall, Ilya Yaroshenko
public import mir.stat.distribution.bernoulli : bernoulliPMF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.beta : betaPDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.beta_proportion : betaProportionPDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.binomial : binomialPMF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.categorical : categoricalPMF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.cauchy : cauchyPDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.chi2 : chi2PDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.exponential : exponentialPDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.f : fPDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.gamma : gammaPDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.generalized_pareto : generalizedParetoPDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.geometric : geometricPMF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.gev : gevPDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.hypergeometric : hypergeometricPMF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.laplace : laplacePDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.log_normal : logNormalPDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.logistic : logisticPDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.negative_binomial : negativeBinomialPMF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.normal : normalPDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.pareto : paretoPDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.poisson : poissonPMF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.rayleigh : rayleighPDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.students_t : studentsTPDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.uniform : uniformPDF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.uniform_discrete : uniformDiscretePMF;
public import mir.stat.distribution.weibull : weibullPDF;